Dr. Garg provided me excellent care. He was very attentive to my lumbar pain and clearly outlined my options. I felt I could ask him questions, and he gave me the answers I needed. His treatment provided substantial relief for my low back pain. I’m grateful to be under his care.


Thorough and helpful, he addressed my long-standing pain problem and I am feeling much better after treatment.

Charmaine L.

Dr. Garg is the absolute BEST. He is kind and his people skills are stellar. He is inquisitive and has a TON of knowledge. Above all else, he CARES about his patients!!!


I had a great experience with Dr. Garg. He listened attentively during each of my visits, thoroughly explained all treatment options for my shoulder pain, and helped me make a decision that was best for me. I’m finally close to being pain-free; and I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Anthony D.

Dr. Akshay Garg has treated me for pain in my right hip and leg area. He is extremely attentive and allows me to feel comfortable explaining. I never feel rush or like an assembly line patient. The big take away is since being seen by Dr. Garg over the last year my pain has drastically improve to the point I can began feeling normal with his treatments and my therapy. I would highly recommend Dr. Akshay for joint pain that prevents you from doing everyday activities.


I was referred to Dr. Garg for a herniated disc in my lower back, and would highly recommend him to others. He clearly explains the different steps of the procedure, gives a good overview of alternative treatment pathways, and encourages you to ask any and all questions. The procedures he administered for me (epidural steroid injections) went very smoothly and effectively reduced my pain by more than 60%.


Dr. Garg is personable, knowledgeable, and takes a more holistic approach to medicine and pain management. Additionally, he is in the GW network so he has good relationships with other physicians and can work with them on your treatment plan.

Erica S.

Was referred to Dr. Garg by one of his colleagues. Great bedside manner, availability, and does have the patients best interest in mind.

Robert H.

I am EXTREMELY impressed by, and grateful for, Dr. Garg’s personal attention, and consistently prompt response. His genuine curiosity for my situation is comforting.


Dr. Garg is an excellent doctor. The epidural shots he gave me reduced my pain about 75%. Because of Dr. Garg, I am able to stand for a few more minutes and am using physical therapy to help me get stronger.


After sustaining a mild disc herniation few months ago, my main issue has been pain management. I felt debilitated for sometime and feared that I will have to undergo surgery if the pain doesn’t get relieved. I am very thankful that I found Dr. Garg who has been helping me with this whole ordeal. The epidural steroid injection worked. His credentials speak for themselves but what sets him apart from other highly capable and accomplished doctors is his sincere concern for his patients. With him allowing me to be part of my care helped boost my dwindling morale. He readily answers questions, no matter how trivial it may be, and collaborates with everyone involved in my care. I am ready to go back to work in a week. It surely feels good to wake up with a smile again. Thankfully, no back surgery needed (still keeping my fingers crossed) and writing this 5 star review because he surely deserves it. Thanks to Dr. AG! He and his very efficient and professional staff are just amazing!


Dr. Garg is an excellent doctor. The epidural shots he gave me reduced my pain about 75%. Because of Dr. Garg, I am able to stand for a few more minutes and am using physical therapy to help me get stronger.

Paul K.

Because of COVID we met online. I’ve been delaying visiting a doctor, but the pain got to be too much. Dr. Garg has provided much needed relief. My sacroiliac joint injection made is possible for me to walk down stairs, it has been a god send.

T. Shultz

I have had back pain my entire life due to a disk degeneration disease. Dr. Garg is the first provider to give me long lasting relief from the constant pain. He also is one of the best doctors I’ve ever had in terms of taking time to talk to his patients to get to know them, and to also truly understand their pain and issues. I went to another “top rated” back doctor, but he literally spent all of about five minutes with me, did not diagnosis the disease, and was only in my care for the quick procedure that he could do that would make him a lot of money. Dr. Garg is a different kind of doctor — one that will spend time with you to figure out the best way to help you as an entire person and not just a patient number or way to make a quick buck. Dr. Garg looked at my MRI and other information *before* he entered the room to talk to me, spoke to me at length, then ordered smart tests that no one else had done to get to the bottom of my pain. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Sharon C.

Dr Garg is very understanding and makes you feel like he is really concerned about you. He is a great Doctor


My employer changed insurance in July and I got an appointment with Dr Garg. He took the time to listen to me and review my records. He scheduled some nerve blocks and other procedures immediately which I had done yesterday. Dr Garg went through the medicines I’ve tried over the years and was able to get approval for a medication that I haven’t ever tried or known of. So far so good with everything and I’d recommend him to anyone… Dr Garg I really appreciate it.

Tiffany N.

Excellent Doctor! He really takes the time to get to know you and find the best possible ways to help you.


I’m happy to have been referred to Dr Garg. I’ve just started my treatment and I know I’m in good hands. I’ve been to other pain specialists. It’s very hard to find a good one. I’m so grateful. The staff is very nice and caring.


Dr Garg is always so friendly and helpful and so is everyone in his office. He’s really invested in assisting me in finding solutions for my pain . I would highly recommend them to anyone.


I have yet to see a doctor like Dr Garg , who has excellent bedside manners, is up to date with medical knowledge, always listens to the patient and very caring and compassionate. i was suffering from long standing knee pain and was told to endure it and live on pain medications. Not any more, thanks to Dr Garg, his treatment has produced wonderful results and don’t have to rely on pills. He has done commendable job and i highly recommend him. He is the best pain specialist.